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Eat well. Be well.

Plant-based power.

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Our story.

Padma Wellbeing was founded to provide people with well-balanced, nutritious food based on sound scientific and nutritional principles and out of love for our planet, its people and animals.

Social responsibility and sustainability are at the heart of what we do. At the core of our values lies our mission to make a positive contribution to holistic global health and to protect our flora and fauna.

Eat well. Be well.

We | Wellbeing

We are.

An ethical health food and lifestyle company.

Committed to caring for our people and the planet.


We want.

To leave the world in better shape for our future generations.

Everyone to have access to quality protein.

Everyone to have access to food, water, shelter, education and sanitation.


We do.

Make a conscious choice to do the best by our planet and the people who share it.


We love.

Food. Life. Fun. Laughter. People. Animals. Plants.


We can.

Help change your perceptions about food.

Find better methods to source protein whilst reducing environmental impacts.


We will.

Stay true to our values and committed to our mission.


We create.

Food that nourishes the mind, body and soul.

Food based on sound nutrition and scientific principles.

Food that takes the guesswork out so you know exactly what you put in your body.

Food with zero harm to animals.


Your day starts here.

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Redefining the world of plant-based protein.


It's snack time.

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Meet our founder.

Natalia, a free-spirited scientist, founded Padma Wellbeing based on her renowned fondness for delicious and nutritious food and a genuine love for our planet, its people and animals.

Natalia strongly believes in the power of plant-based protein to help combat the issues of poor nutrition, poverty alleviation and in paving the way for our future and long term sustainability of our planet.

Her dream is for Padma Wellbeing to provide people with better food choices and through her endeavours empower people to build a world for better, for generations to come.