Natalia's 5 life hacks for a more productive, happier and healthier you (1 | 5)

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Life hack #1

Prep a box of goodies for the day.

I’ve personally found that eating healthy when I’m on the go and not home for long hours can be a challenge, not just in terms of getting the right fuel for my body; it’s often not gentle on the wallet either when those lunches out and snacks start adding up.

 I recommend literally packing a cardboard box (yep, I use one!) of goodies (including your breakfast and lunch) to take with you for the day.

 Some of my go-to favourite snacks that I include in my box:

·        A green juice that I prep first thing in the morning with kale, silverbeet, cos, cucumber, parsley, celery, lemon and lime. It’s refreshing and a great way to keep hydrated;

·        My Padma chia pudding – it’s super easy to make the night before and delicious (check out the recipe here);

·        An avocado that I quickly mash in the morning and season with loads of fresh lemon to keep fresh in a reuseable container, a small slice of wholegrain toast or pumpernickel bread along with a serve of our lemon myrtle & hemp granola; and

·        Our ayurvedic turmeric & chilli protein granola – our golden clusters are great for snacking on when working at the computer.

These plant-based goodies are easy to whip up and so nourishing! I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

Lot of love, Natalia. Xox


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