Natalia's 5 life hacks for a more productive, happier and healthier you (4 | 5)


Life hack # 4

Timetable your workouts, schedule them in your diary as recurring appointments and stick to them.

So often with our busy schedules juggling work, family and the multitude of appointments and social commitments we don’t prioritise ourselves or look after our health as well as we should.

My top tip here I feel is a bit of a non-negotiable – yep, this means that even if you’re planning a hot date, I recommend prioritising time for you, whether it’s attending that 6 pm yoga class on a Tuesday night or Pilates first thing Saturday morning.

 I recommend scheduling 30 – 60 minutes each day at least four nights a week at a time that works for you to create an exercise schedule that you stick to. Trust me, it works and it’ll soon be second nature. I actually treat my gym sessions like my very own physical meditation session, time just for myself to reconnect with myself physically and mentally.

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