Natalia's 5 life hacks for a more productive, happier and healthier you (5 | 5)

Life hack #5

Unplug for 30 minutes each day.

How many times have you caught yourself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, only to find yourself having wasted 30 minutes and feeling, well, a little bit ‘meh’ and a little guilty for using that time unproductively? I’ve been guilty of this countless times and I often catch myself berating myself for not using my time on social media constructively.

I recommend putting aside 30 minutes of time for yourself, without your phone, laptop or tablet each day. 30 minutes may sound like a lot, but if you’ve checked your social networking screen time, chances are you’ve probably spent that much time, if not more, browsing on social media – it’s easy done we’ve all been there.

The point is, YOU deserve time for yourself. Here are just a handful of things I like to do during with my 30 minutes of UNPLUGGED time, which I recommend:

·        Read a few chapters of a book each day;

·        Create a space of calm in your home, brew a cup of your favourite herbal tea or caffeine-free beverage and be in the moment; practice mindfulness and  recall all the things you are grateful for today;

·        Put on your favourite playlist of calming tunes and practice gentle stretching, to your own time and pace and just feeling your breath and gentle stretch – it’s amazing what a little bit of stretching in the midst of the day or just after work can do to calm and centre; and

·        Use this time to fit in your daily exercise routine (that I mentioned in yesterday’s post), for you.

This concludes my 5-part blog series of life hacks for a more productive, happier and healthier you.

If you’ve got a burning health and wellbeing question, please feel free to reach out and ask.

Enjoy your 30 minutes of YOU time! You deserve it. Much love, Natalia. xoxox

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