Natalia’s 5 life hacks for a more productive, happier and healthier you (3 | 5)

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Life hack #3

Grow your own herbs & veggies in pots

This one is surprisingly easy to do, even with the rise in apartment living. Simply plant your favourite herbs and leave them to grow on your windowsill.

Larger plants like silverbeet, chard and spinach are easily grown in apartments too - simply grow them on your balcony or by your front door. You can usually get away with planting 3 – 4 different types of leafy veggies in one large pot, which means a nice variety of greens to choose from.

Limited sunlight? No problem, simply rotate your plants every 3 – 4 days to a better lit position, regularly fertilise and water. Nothing beats having some fresh veggies with your brekkie or for your favourite salad.

Photo credit: @thebiteshot

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