Our founder.

Hi! I’m Natalia, a free-spirited scientist passionate about nutrition and all things Wellbeing. I founded Padma Wellbeing in early 2018 with the vision to take the guesswork out of health eating and provide people with delicious and nutritious health foods that were 100 % natural, 100 % plant-based and 100% backed by science. Over the course of my research, I found that there were so many myths perpetuated about healthy eating and nutrition and I wanted to create something honest, wholesome and backed by scientific evidence.

As a scientist and passionate foodie, I set about creating my range of easily digestible, wholefood plant-based protein formulations in the form of versatile granolas to be had any time of the day, for breakfast, as a mid-morning or afternoon snack, post-workout and even sprinkled on top of your favourite dessert!

My dream is to provide people with better food choices and empower people to lead happier, healthier lives and to build a world for better, for generations to come through our use of sustainable natural food sources that replenish our soils, keeping them fertile.


I hope you’ll love my products as much as I’ve enjoyed creating something truly wholesome and nourishing for your mind, body and soul.


Much love, Natalia. X

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