lemon myrtle & hemp protein granola

lemon myrtle & hemp protein granola


optimal protein power

prebiotic | supports gut health | antimicrobial | lean muscle growth | weight loss | diabetic friendly | energy levels

This protein booster is an incredible source of plant-based protein essential for lean muscle growth.

Contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, folate and is a source of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, zinc and vitamins.

Tastes just like a lemon cheesecake. This delightfully lemony gluten-free granola was created to pay tribute to the gorgeous ingredients native to Australia. A nutritious blend of nuts, seeds, lemon myrtle and hemp will ensure all your dietary needs are met. Each serve has more than 3x the amount of protein compared to an egg white per serve and is rich in prebiotic dietary fibre to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Pairs beautifully with vanilla bean ice cream and equally well with your smashed avocado.

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